Pointing the Finger at Pain

Of the 360 joints in the human body that may be susceptible to chronic pain, none may be less discussed than the finger joints. And that's perplexing, because while we can get along somewhat while suffering from shoulder or knee pain, finger pain prevents us from doing many of the vital small tasks that are required each day. With chronic finger pain, we may have difficulty tying our shoes, opening a jar, or eve...

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Shoulder Pain and You

Atlas was condemned to hold the celestial spheres on his shoulders and he did so without pain. The rest of us, however, may seek treatment for our chronic shoulder pain through various means. Unfortunately, many otherwise responsible health care enterprises recommend the drastic options before examining the less-invasive, less traumatic, and less expensive choices. Harvard Health Publishing, created by Harvard M...

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Are Active Seniors at Risk for Chronic Joint Pain?

It is a lament spoken often by active seniors: "My mind knows what I want to do, but my body is not cooperating." These are the people age 65 and up who have typically enjoyed an active lifestyle all their lives and want to continue to participate in some form of exercise or physical activity, but who are prevented from doing so by chronic joint pain. Participating in physical activities is a key to healthy succ...

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Can I Take ReJoint If I Have Been Vaccinated for COVID-19?

Those who suffer from chronic joint pain face many challenges. Among them are lost time from work, an inability to perform routine work and play activities, and for some, irritability, depression, and even suicide. There is also the conflict that arises when the pain relief involves a prescription medication that may have harmful interactions with other drugs the person may be taking, or with alcohol. If you enj...

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