Top 3 Things Women Need to Know About Joint Pain

The most common misconception about chronic joint pain is that it affects only the elderly. While it is true that the largest age group affected by joint pain is age 65 years and older, the reality is that chronic joint pain can affect anyone at any age.

Many of the causes of joint pain are due to lifestyle regimens. People with physically demanding or repetitive work are more like to suffer from chronic joint pain, as are athletes and obese people. Even within those categories, however, not everyone develops chronic joint pain. 

Women are also at greater risk of developing chronic joint pain. It has been estimated that as many as 60 per cent of all joint pain sufferers are women. Lupus, scleroderma, and multiple sclerosis can all cause joint pain and all are more prevalent in women. Medical scientists believe this is due to:

1. The female body composition - Women are more likely than men to develop knee pain. It is believed that this is because female joints have more flexibility and movement, thus increasing the chances of bone-to-bone grinding.

2. Estrogen levels -  Lower levels of estrogen reduce the hormone's natural ability to decrease pain. As estrogen levels decline, the amount of cushioning the cartilage provides also decreases.

3. Weight gain - Women are more likely than men to become obese. And because the additional weight creates more stress on the joints, particularly the knees, ankles, and hips, women are at greater risk. Studies show that each additional pound can mean four additional pounds in the knees.

Women also need to be aware of how their hormone levels may affect any joint pain medication they are taking as reduced effectiveness is a distinct possibility.

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