Can I Take ReJoint If I Have Been Vaccinated for COVID-19?

Those who suffer from chronic joint pain face many challenges. Among them are lost time from work, an inability to perform routine work and play activities, and for some, irritability, depression, and even suicide. There is also the conflict that arises when the pain relief involves a prescription medication that may have harmful interactions with other drugs the person may be taking, or with alcohol. If you enj...

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Chronic joint pain: An equal opportunity illness

There are many factors that can trigger chronic joint pain, including trauma, disease, and age. One rarely discussed aspect of chronic joint pain is its indiscriminate appearance: Chronic joint pain can affect both rich and poor, the famous and the unknown. To those suffering from this debilitating condition, it may not seem like much of a consolation but here are just a few well-known people who experience chro...

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What is the difference between chronic joint pain and arthritis?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines severe joint pain as a seven or higher on a pain scale of one to ten. Persistent or chronic joint pain is defined as having joint pain of any severity on most or all days over the previous three months. People who are experiencing joint pain and whose condition qualifies as "chronic" often wonder whether they have arthritis, which is a serious disease with l...

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What about those joint pain meds on TV?

When chronic joint pain occurs, it can change an otherwise active lifestyle into a time of struggle and hopelessness. A common reaction to the onset of chronic pain is to take whatever action is necessary to stop the agony so that we can return to doing the things we love. Pharmaceutical companies know that, too. That's why the joint pain medication advertisements you see online and on television almost always s...

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