Can the weather affect my joint pain?

Over the years, you may have heard of someone predicting an oncoming storm simply because their knees or knuckles hurt or swelled.

Though the definitive answer is still up in the air, there is ample evidence that changes in barometric pressure - such as a pending storm - or changes in the temperature can have a profound effect on the health of your joints.

Science says that increased barometric pressure may result in the expansion and/or contraction of the joints, creating pain. Low temperatures, on the other hand, can make joint fluid feel thicker, which generates painful stiffness.

Another theory is that the painful joint and bad weather connection is likely the result of the inclement weather keeping people indoors and sedentary more often. This lower level of activity means inactive joints which then become stiff and painful.

One survey of people with knee pain showed that every ten-degree drop in temperature corresponded to a rise in knee joint pain.

There are solutions for weather-related joint pain, including:

  • Stay warm - If you are at home, turn up the heat or wear a sweater. And though it may sound a bit strange to also wear a hat and gloves at home, these can trap body heat and help you avoid pain. If you are at work, try all of the above if allowed, or use a space heater.
  • Stay active - If you are confined due to bad weather, take time throughout the day to exercise your joints a few minutes at a time.
  • Don't take risks - Got something heavy to lift? Wait until the temperature rises or ask for help.
  • Stay happy - Science shows that bad weather can negatively affect moods which can increase the perception of pain. So when the temperature drops, find a way to smile.

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