Joint Pain News Update

Sometimes, we have to pay close attention to the news regarding joint pain issues and remedies because they can change quickly. The latest case in point is an online article published by the Mayo Clinic on Sept. 7, 2019 which touted antidepressants as "Another weapon against chronic pain." Among the conditions for which relief may be expected are arthritis, low back pain, and pelvic pain. The story included thes...

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Chronic Joint Pain While Caring for Pets

Unfortunately, we do not have a choice as to when we develop chronic joint pain or when it becomes so debilitating that we cannot perform simple, everyday tasks. Few people are more aware of this precarious situation than pet owners, who must care for their dogs and cats despite intense chronic joint pain. Pet care while suffering from chronic joint pain is a big problem. Recent statistics show that: The U.S. h...

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Chronic joint pain: An equal opportunity illness

There are many factors that can trigger chronic joint pain, including trauma, disease, and age. One rarely discussed aspect of chronic joint pain is its indiscriminate appearance: Chronic joint pain can affect both rich and poor, the famous and the unknown. To those suffering from this debilitating condition, it may not seem like much of a consolation but here are just a few well-known people who experience chro...

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How do I travel with chronic joint pain?

One of the most dreaded tasks of anyone suffering from chronic joint pain is hopping on an airplane for a long flight. Thanks to advancing aeronautic technology, there are many flights that exceed 12 hours. Flying from Los Angeles to Singapore, for example, is a mind-bending (and knee-bending) 18 hours. Unless you're flying first class, of course.  For the rest of us, just the thought of cramming ourselves into...

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