Can chronic joint pain cause depression?

An extremely important side effect of chronic joint pain is the problems it may cause elsewhere.

Depending on the location and severity of the chronic joint pain, there could be serious consequences, some life-threatening, should the pain continue untreated.

Obesity is the first and most obvious side effect of chronic joint pain, which may cause an otherwise active person to be unable to complete a daily workout. This can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and more.

Far less discussed is chronic joint pain as it relates to depression. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, physical symptoms such as chronic joint pain were found to be common in people suffering from depression.

That finding raises the "chicken or the egg" question of whether the pain caused the depression or the depression caused the pain. The same study found that "Patients who present with  a high number of physical symptoms may be more likely to have a mood disorder that patients who present with only a few physical symptoms."

As one might expect, the finding also showed that "In general, the worse the painful physical symptoms, the more severe the depression. Physical symptoms have been found to increase the duration of depressed mood."

Unfortunately, one proven way to get depression under control is through the use of stress techniques such as physical activity and exercise. For many chronic joint pain sufferers, however, this is not an option.

In one sense, the causal connection between chronic pain and depression is a moot point. Both are serious conditions that require attention. The good news is that resolving either the depression or the chronic joint pain may lead to the end of both.

ReJoint is a good first step

The so-called "vacation effect" states that simply planning a vacation can have mental health benefits. And so it may be true with planning your health care, that is, taking one first step may provide beneficial mood enhancement.

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