Test your chronic joint pain knowledge

Chronic joint pain affects millions of Americans each year and can have a devastating effect on relationships, employment opportunities, and overall health. After all, it's hard to exercise with knee, hip, or shoulder pain.

While chronic joint pain is prevalent, so is the misinformation surrounding its development and treatment. To find out how much you know about chronic joint pain, take this brief, 7-question quiz:

Q: What age group is most likely to suffer from chronic joint pain?
A: People aged 65 years and older report more chronic joint pain than any other age group, however, it is important to remember that chronic joint pain can occur at any age.

Q: What joint has the most reports of chronic pain?
A: Knee pain is the most common joint pain, followed by shoulder pain, then hip pain.

Q: Who suffers more from chronic joint pain - men or women?
A: With the lone exception of shoulder pain, women report more incidents of chronic joint pain than men.

Q: Approximately how many Americans suffer each year from chronic joint pain?
A: According to the figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 15 million people are affected by severe joint pain.

Q: What are the leading causes of chronic joint pain?
A: The development of forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid and osteo creates joint pain. Other conditions such as gout, bursitis, and tendinitis can create joint pain. Obesity is also a leading cause due to the additional stress on the joints.

Q: How many joints are in the human body?
A: The human body has over 200 joints.

Q: What are the largest joints in your body?
A: While it may seem that the hips are the largest joints in the body, the correct answer is the knees. Because they are so complex, they are particularly susceptible to pain.

Q: When is joint pain considered "chronic?"
A: Joint pain is considered chronic when it occurs on most or all days for three months.
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