Help for Chronic Wrist Pain

Reports on chronic pain, both in the mainstream news and in scientific articles, tend to focus on the shoulders and knees. In all likelihood, this is due to the greater incidents of shoulder and knee pain over other body joints. But chronic pain can occur in any joint. One of the most overlooked but debilitating locations of chronic joint pain is the wrist. A study reported in Nov., 2019 noted that "Wrist pain i...

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Is exercise good or bad for knee pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in the U.S., affecting approximately 19% of the population. The occurrence of knee pain increases with age, however, knee pain can also be a challenge for children, teens, and young adults. People who suffer from knee pain often wonder whether exercise can help or hurt their condition. The answer is that there is no firm "yes" or "no" - each person is differ...

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An extreme method for relief of chronic joint pain

A report from the New York University School of Medicine shows that extremely obese people who undergo surgery to restrict food intake are experiencing reduced knee pain. The study confirms what researchers and others have known for years, that is, excess weight can cause chronic joint pain, particularly in the knees and ankles. In fact, Johns Hopkins University has reported that an additional 10 pounds can incr...

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Chronic joint pain: An equal opportunity illness

There are many factors that can trigger chronic joint pain, including trauma, disease, and age. One rarely discussed aspect of chronic joint pain is its indiscriminate appearance: Chronic joint pain can affect both rich and poor, the famous and the unknown. To those suffering from this debilitating condition, it may not seem like much of a consolation but here are just a few well-known people who experience chro...

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