Chronic Joint Pain While Caring for Pets

Unfortunately, we do not have a choice as to when we develop chronic joint pain or when it becomes so debilitating that we cannot perform simple, everyday tasks. Few people are more aware of this precarious situation than pet owners, who must care for their dogs and cats despite intense chronic joint pain.

Pet care while suffering from chronic joint pain is a big problem. Recent statistics show that:

  • The U.S. has approximately 89.7 million dogs living in homes
  • About 95.6 million cats are living in U.S. homes
  • Approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from chronic joint pain

Combine these numbers and it's easy to see the scope of the problem: Millions of pet owners with chronic joint pain struggle to care for their pets.

The greatest pet care challenge for those with chronic joint pain is walking the dog, particularly in cold weather areas. Walking the dog is an important part of a dog's health, and it's beneficial for humans, too. With chronic joint pain, however, walking a dog can be difficult and painful.

Walking a dog is just one pet care challenge for those with chronic joint pain. Dogs must be groomed, fed, and nurtured, all of which are made much more difficult with chronic joint pain. Though cats are more independent - they do not require walks - they still require care and feeding.

The solutions should not include stopping the routine dog walks. An easy walk is a good way to loosen joints and reduce the chances of pain. Sometimes, though, it's not enough and we need other forms of help.

Doctors may prescribe pain medications, which may be effective at masking - not resolving - the pain but they are not without serious side effects and risks. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - NSAIDs - for example, have been linked to a higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, and heart-related deaths, especially after extended use.

And it is now well known that prescription painkillers such as opioids, can be highly addictive.

Instead, consider alternatives to chronic joint pain besides the prescription options.

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