How can I avoid chronic joint pain?

Millions of people across the country suffer from chronic joint pain. While it would appear that with that many people in pain, there would be ample evidence as to who are the most likely candidates, the fact is that anyone can become afflicted with chronic joint pain at any time.

There are, however, certain statistical references that may help provide some perspective and help you determine what, if anything, you can do to avoid chronic joint pain. Here a few of the key statistics:

  • Arthritis-related joint pain affects approximately 52.5 million adults.
  • By 2030, it is estimated that about one in four adults will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis.
  • Chronic joint pain is most prevalent in the 65-74 age group.
  • Knee pain is the most frequently cited source of joint pain.
  • Shoulder pain affects approximately 18.7 million people and is the second most common joint pain location.
  • Hip pain is third, cited by about 15.3 million people age 18 and older.
  • Women are more likely to have chronic joint pain, except shoulder pain.

While our age and gender are firmly fixed, there are other classifications over which we have some control:

  • Your weight is one of them. One key study found that in obese adults with knee pain, losing one pound of weight corresponded to a reduction of four pounds of pressure removed from the knees. So if you are overweight and have chronic joint pain, try shedding some pounds. (That weight loss has other benefits, too!)
  • You can also start a workout regimen. Regular, low-impact physical activity such as biking or swimming can help relieve joint pain or even stop it before it starts.
  • Moving to a more temperate climate isn't always easy, but it will help prevent joint pain. So to avoid joint pain, particularly in the knees, hips, and ankles, don't relocate to a colder environment.
  • Another way to avoid chronic joint pain is to steer clear of any job that requires repetitive motion.

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