How do I travel with chronic joint pain?

One of the most dreaded tasks of anyone suffering from chronic joint pain is hopping on an airplane for a long flight. Thanks to advancing aeronautic technology, there are many flights that exceed 12 hours. Flying from Los Angeles to Singapore, for example, is a mind-bending (and knee-bending) 18 hours. Unless you're flying first class, of course.

 For the rest of us, just the thought of cramming ourselves into a small chair with little mobility for hours on end is enough to make us want to walk to our destination.

In an airplane, we are captive, and the further you are from an aisle, the less likely you are to get up and move around to avoid joint pain. So before you book your next trip, here are some things to consider to avoid joint pain:

  • Travel by train or car. Yes, the meals in the dining car need an upgrade, but train travel is still one of the most relaxing forms of transportation available. Onboard, you can move about freely through various railcars to help keep your joints limber. In a car, you have complete control over when you can stop to stretch and walk.
  • Travel in warm weather to warmer climates. While the jury is out as to exactly why, cold weather has a negative effect on the joints, causing them to stiffen.
  • If your only option is an airplane, Try to secure an aisle seat so that you can stand and stretch without bothering anyone in your row.
  • Even with an aisle seat, paying a little extra to sit in a row with extra legroom may be money well spent.
  • At the airport, use your waiting time to walk and stretch.
  • Eat healthy foods. Many processed foods are thought to contain ingredients that can cause joint inflammation so stick with fruit (apples travel well) or healthy sandwiches you make at home and bring on board or pack in the car.

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