Top 6 Symptoms of Chronic Joint Pain

In 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that there approximately 14.6 million Americans suffer from severe joint pain. Though many of these cases of severe joint pain are related to the onset of arthritis, millions of people fight daily battles with non-arthritis pain.

 Joint pain costs billions of dollars in lost productivity and pain management and can cause great stress on loved ones and overall lower quality of life.

To determine whether you are suffering from joint pain or some other condition, it is important to know the symptoms. You may be suffering from chronic joint pain if you have one or more of the following:

  • Redness at and/or around the joint - Redness may also be accompanied by warmth in the area of the joint.
  • Swollen joint - Joints may swell for a variety of reasons and swelling alone is not considered the definite result of joint pain.
  • Tenderness at the joint - When even the slightest touch generates pain, the joint condition may be chronic.
  • Reduced range of motion - If, for an extended period, you are unable to perform routine activities because of your ability to walk or grasp, for example, these are strong indications that you may have chronic joint pain.
  • Joint stiffness - There may be chronic pain in joints that make even the most simple tasks produce pain.
  • Ongoing - Joint pain that is not the result of trauma is considered chronic if it lasts more than six months.

Even if your joint pain is mild, it is important to address it immediately so that the pain does not become severe.

ReJoint can help relieve your chronic joint pain

The CDC has issued guidelines against using opioids at the first line of treatment for chronic joint pain.

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