10 Things You Should Know About Common Painkillers

If you are experiencing pain in the lower back, there are several options for lower back pain relief. These options include a lower back pain treatment by a professional therapist or one of many lower back pain relief products commonly known as "painkillers."

Before you take a common painkiller as a severe lower back pain treatment, here are 10 important facts you should know:

1. Painkillers do not heal. And they are not a cure for lower back pain. They only mask your symptoms; they don’t treat the root cause of your pain.

2. A prescription is not a guarantee. You can become addicted to pain killers even if you have a prescription.

3. Addiction is prevalent. Nearly two million Americans suffer from addiction to opioid painkillers. Most of these drugs were prescribed and most of the people addicted never thought they would become addicts. ("It won't happen to me!")

4. There are serious side effects of common painkillers. These include nausea, vomiting, confusion, and a greater risk of becoming comatose even without abusing painkillers.

5. Opioid users often start using heroin. Prescription opioid users are 19 times more likely to initiate heroin use than those who do not abuse painkillers.

6. Withdrawal pain is possible. The long term use or abuse of opioid painkillers increases the likelihood of experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms once they are stopped. 

7.  There are health risks. Over-the-counter back pain relief tablets such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may pose serious health risks if combined with anticoagulants.

8. There is little difference. A recent study showed that overall, opioids are not significantly better than non-opioids in relieving acute and chronic pain.

9. The first step toward dependency is often a baby step. People who use prescription painkillers as the best pills for lower back pain often do not follow their doctor's instructions, which can lead to abuse.

10. All solutions are not equal. The best remedy for lower back pain may be an effective, non-pharmaceutical alternative to potentially addictive painkillers

What is the best medicine for back pain? 

For you, it may not be a medicine at all. Today, there is a way to get proven relief for chronic joint, knee, and back pain, without the risk of opioid addiction, quickly and easily. ReJoint is a doctor formulated, 100% natural, safe, herbal remedy that can help provide you with the lower back pain relief you want quickly, without any side effects. For more information, visit https://drhrejoint.com/or call (201) 875-8055

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