What does it feel like when nerves are healing?

Like death and taxes, we are assured that at some point in our lives we will experience either acute or chronic pain due to suffering from one of the more than 100 types of nerve damage.

This pain is due to swelling and inflammation to the joints as the nerve pathways become blocked and unable to transmit the steady electrical impulses needed for normal functioning.



When most people experience pain in the back, for example, it's only natural that they want the best remedy for lower back pain. But their first reaction is to live a little with the pain, then try one of the many over-the-counter products that promise to be the best pain reliever for back painbut really only mask the symptoms.

The third step in this ritual is to see a physician, where we expect to receive thebest medicine for lower back pain. Most of the time, however, the physician will prescribe some form of lower back pain relief that may only be a stronger version of the over-the-counter option that did not work.

Solving the wrong problem

These medications, whether over-the counter or prescribed, usually fail to provide fast, effective relief because they are not designed as a lower back pain treatment: They are pain relievers, not pain solvers. The difference is in the results from the pain medicine for back pain. With a pain reliever, we feel better for a little while, then we need to take another dose when the pain returns. In some cases, sadly, this can lead to a dangerous dependency.

 With a pain solver, however, our nerves become unblocked and begin to receive impulses again. This re-awakening of our healing nerves is felt through slight tingling sensations often described. This is a normal reaction of the nerves as they work overtime to regain normal function.

 If you have chronic pain and want extreme lower back pain relief, the key is to find the best pain reliever for back pain that works quickly so that you can get back to work or play as soon as possible.

How to relieve back pain fast

Today, there is a way to get proven relief for chronic joint, knee, and back pain, without the risk of pain medication addiction, quickly and easily.

Injuries and Nerve Healing

Nerves perform the important function of transmitting sensory and motor impulses from the brain to different parts of the body and vice versa. Nerve damage often means a reduction in the feeling of sensation, weakness and even dry skin. There are various types of nerve injuries, which can result in painful swelling and inflammation. The natural process of healing nerve damage like cuts etc. involves an automatic repair process by the body. The healing of nerve damage begins with shrinking back of nerve fibers and resting phase before the growth phase sets forth. Brining the cut nerve ends together and repairing them surgically is what promotes nerve healing.


The Wrong Approach to Problem Solving

Over the top medications like pain, relievers often provide short-term relief but never cater to the root cause of nerve damage. A patient feels better until he/she is consuming the medicine but feels pain-stricken as soon as he/she stops. The right kind of supplements for nerve healing; however, unblock the nerves and initiate the feeling of impulses.


How Do I Know My Nerve is Healing?

During the process of healing nerve damage, the body part may feel unpleasant and tingly. Patients may also feel an electric shock-like sensation in the areas where nerve fibers are growing. These sensations may move around the affected area as during the healing of nerve damage. Finding the right kind of nerve healing supplements can streamline the recovery process and help you feel better again. Consuming nerve healing vitamins is a sure shot way to eliminate chronic pain from nerve injuries without any chances of pain medication addiction.

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