What do pro athletes do for pain?

One of the best resources for the management of joint pain, especially lower back pain, are the athletes who play professional sports. After all, their livelihood depends on a healthy body, free from joint pain and lower back pain.

Most athletes try to avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), which have side effects and may even slow the repair of damaged cartilage, which is related to the onset of osteoarthritis. The other option they avoid is the use of opioids, which can be restrictive and addictive.

That's what they don't do for joint pain or severe lower back pain. Here are a few examples of what they do when pain strikes:

  • Stay hydrated- Professional athletes drink a lot of fluids, particularly water, to help keep their joints lubricated.
  • Eat right- Professional athletes who are dedicated to maintaining their bodies in peak performance condition adhere to strict dietary guidelines. They avoid salt, fried foods, consume only small amounts of dairy products, severely restrict the use of alcohol, and do not use tobacco product at all. On the other hand, they are fond of foods such as berries, ginger, and salmon, all of which can help ease joint pain.
  • Remain active- Contrary to popular belief, most pro athletes know that inactivity is not always a good idea for the relief of joint pain. There is evidence showing that becoming sedentary when joint pain strikes may actually worsen the condition. One particular physical activities they favor during time is swimming as it is a very low impact exercise.
  • Stay slim- During their periods of joint pain and rehabilitation, pro athletes avoid extra weight on their joints. So, for example, a pro athlete who is used to working out with ankle weights but who has ankle pain, would stop using the weights until a complete recovery has been achieved.
  • Seek help- Athletes with joint pain or lower back pain will also participate in a customized physical therapy program of stretching and strengthening the muscles supporting the area around the joint.

Successful pro athletes with vast resources can opt for other pain relief measures. Basketball player Kobe Bryant and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning have had experimental stem cell injections at the source of their pain.

Golfer Tiger Woods has had multiple surgeries to help relieve his back pain.

Another pro athlete pain relief option

Professional athletes are constantly seeking ways to relieve joint pain so they can remain competitive. If there is a way to help relieve their chronic or intermittent joint pain, including pain in the lower back, without having to resort to the used of NSAIDs or opioids, they will seize the opportunity.

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