Top 6 Recommendations for the Best Shoes for Knee or Foot Pain

One of the most overlooked sources of both the aggravation and relief of knee or foot pain is our shoes. Our shoes can cause pain, or they can be the source of pain relief.

There's more to selecting the proper footwear than just cushioning, although that is an important factor. Even with extra cushioning, however, foot and knee pain may continue to prevent you from doing many of the activities you enjoy, including the simple act of walking.

In fact, one reputable study of 164 adults with knee osteoarthritis showed that shoes with extra cushioning did not create any decline in knee pain. Here are the top six recommendations for selecting shoes for foot and/or knee pain relief.

  • Avoid stiffs shoes - The first and perhaps most obvious recommendation for shoes for foot and/or knee pain relief is to avoid stiff, rigid shoes that can alter or stride or gait and exert pressure on the joints, causing pain.
  • Consider running shoes - One common alternative is a running shoe that offers the proper combination of cushioning and flexibility. Here, too, there are many variables. The best footwear combination of cushioning and flexibility for the person with flat feet may not be good for the person with high arches. The same could be said of the shoes for a slender person versus someone who is overweight.
  • Look at shoe structure - The change in shoe height from to heel is an important consideration, as is room in the toe.
  • Keep an open mind - Be careful not to buy by brand or price. Shoes with famous names are not always designed for pain relief and some inexpensive shoes may be more comfortable than those costing considerably more.
  • Test, test, test - Trying shoes on in the late afternoon or early evening when your feet are more swollen is helpful.
  • Choose comfort - Most important is overall comfort. The shoe that feels the best on your feet as you are walking or standing is also the one most likely to help relieve joint pain. 

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New shoes may help relieve foot or knee pain, but usually, they are just one of several components to an overall pain relief program.

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