Is Pain a Normal part of Aging?

Most people believe that pain is a natural part of the aging process. But that belief does not account for the pain - chronic or acute - that many of us experience early in life. After all, twenty-somethings experience pain, too, and they are just as concerned as a senior citizen about how to stop back pain.

 Unfortunately, some myths are hard to dispel.

One study reported by the National Institutes of Health showed that "Among primary care patients with osteoarthritis, those older than 70 years were more likely than younger patients to believe that people should expect to live with pain as they get older.  And more than half of older adults who responded to a community-based survey considered arthritis to be a natural part of getting old."

Ultimately, the study concluded that the pain perceptions we have clung to for years are not an accurate representation of the reality, which is that, "...many chronic pain disorders occur less frequently with advancing age. Population-based studies have found a lower prevalence of low back, neck, and face pain among older adults compared with their younger counterpart."

The bottom line: Pain is not a normal part of aging, it is a normal part of living.

 None of this will matter much to the person in pain who is seeking the best medicine for back pain or wants to know how to ease back pain. The primary concern for those people is simply finding a pain-free way to go about their business.

 One common element of joint pain is that it does not discriminate between young and old. And a lower back pain treatment, for example, feels just as helpful at 30 as it does at 60.

 The approaches to severe back pain treatment are also common in the young and old. In our younger days, we often choose to live with the pain because we are young and healthy and we know that it, too, shall pass. When we're older, we often choose to live with the pain, but for a different reason, which is the aforementioned belief that it's just part of aging.

 But there is another reason why too many of us don't treat our joint pain. That's because we are leery of the so-called "alternative" treatments and scared of the powerful drugs that physicians routinely prescribe.

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