Are Active Seniors at Risk for Chronic Joint Pain?

It is a lament spoken often by active seniors: "My mind knows what I want to do, but my body is not cooperating."

These are the people age 65 and up who have typically enjoyed an active lifestyle all their lives and want to continue to participate in some form of exercise or physical activity, but who are prevented from doing so by chronic joint pain.

Participating in physical activities is a key to healthy successful senior living. One landmark, influential model created in 1997 by John Rowe and Robert Kahn defines successful aging as a combination of three factors:

  • Avoiding disease and disability
  • High cognitive and physical function
  • Engagement with life

In a sense, all three are greatly or somewhat related to good physical health. And good physical health contributes to good mental health.

Rowe and Kahn even described physical function as a major characteristic of successful aging. It is difficult, however, to achieve and/or maintain these important goals when one suffers from chronic joint pain.

Sadly, there are too many health care professionals whose answer to chronic joint pain is to prescribe a drug. And often, the side effects of these drugs - which n many cases are serious and common - are either never explained, not explained in plain language, or not explained thoroughly.

There are alternatives to chronic joint pain besides prescription medications.

If you are and active senior suffering from chronic joint pain (or if you know someone who is), you may want to consider a review of your exercise regimen to determine whether it is adding to the stress of the joint or joints in question.  If so, you may want to develop a plan to replace these activities with other, less demanding movements until the chronic joint pain is under control.

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Depending on your wrist pain diagnosis, a physician may recommend a prescription pain reliever or even surgery to relieve your chronic joint pain. Both have serious negative consequences: Surgery is drastic and costly and some prescription pain relief medications have side effects that include the risk of addiction.

One safe, proven alternative is ReJoint:

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