7 "Kitchen tips" for those with joint pain

A nationwide study conducted by Stanford University revealed that 19% of the respondents complained of chronic pain and almost half did not know the source of that pain. To relieve the pain, 84% of the respondents said they were taking over-the-counter medications (OTC).

 Simply because a drug is sold over-the-counter does not ensure its safety, particularly if it is not used according to the recommended dosage.

 To help those who are experiencing joint pain but do not want to take medications of any type, here are 7 ways to get relief:

1. Wear heated gloves- For pain in the joints of the hands, wear heated gloves, such as oven mittens, which they heat in a microwave oven.

2. Change your diet- Eat more foods such as fish and seafood containing omega-3, such as salmon, herring, oysters, and mackerel. Raw nuts are also beneficial. At the same time, reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates. There is some evidence that a gluten-free diet may decrease symptoms of arthritis.

3. Take a hot bath or shower- If you're not in a drought-prone area, a long, hot shower or bath can help loosen joints.

4. Wear heated clothes- Temporary joint pain relief may come from clothes that have been heated in a dryer before wearing.

5. Avoid stairs- Joint pain in the knees may flare up while walking up or down stairs.

6. Sleep on a heated mattress pad- Those who have used them say they wake up with reduced joint pain.

7. Exercise in the morning- Joint pain can be particularly acute in the mornings. Loosen up your joints with a walk or swim.

Try this instead of an over-the-counter medication

 Pain in the U.S. is too often treated with an over-the-counter NSAID, or a potentially dangerous opioid prescribed by a licensed medical provider. Those who use them may report relief, but there is often a price to pay. And the recommendations above may not last as long as you like.

 Fortunately, there is another option.

 ReJoint is a doctor-formulated, 100% natural, safe, herbal remedy that can help provide you or your loved one with the chronic or intermittent joint pain relief or back pain relief you want. For more information call (201) 875-8055.


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