10 Medical Reasons for Pain

Chronic pain is so prevalent that approximately 20 percent of U.S. adults experience it every year. The types of pain are so great and the levels of pain so varied that numerous industries and professions are flourishing to help manage episodes of pain.

Some of these businesses provide remedies that only mask the pain so that we can continue our daily lives. To help you determine what level of care you may need for your pain, and to provide tips for pain prevention, here are 10 common reasons for pain:

1. Poor posture- One of the best pain preventive measures we can conduct is to relearn how to sit, stand, and walk.

2. Incorrect lifting- Back pain is often caused by an undue burden from the improper lifting of heavy or bulky objects. Before tackling anything large or heavy, learn the proper techniques or ask someone to help you.

3. Excess weight- You don't have to be obese to cause tremendous strain on your knees, ankles and back. As little as 10 extra pounds can cause severe back and joint problems.

4. Congenital conditions- People born with physical challenges such as scoliosis - curvature of the spine - often experience back and shoulder problems later in life.

5. Traumatic injury- Accidents such as a car crash, a fall, or any number of traumas can cause pain at multiple locations throughout the body.

6. Aging- As we age, for example, cartilage between our bones breaks down, causing pain.

7. Disease- Arthritis, for example, is a major contributor to joint pain.

8. Joint sprain- This is the result of stretched or torn ligaments, which connect the bones in the joint.

9. Joint strain- The result of excessive stretching or the tearing of the muscles and tendons in the joint. Strains are sometimes avoidable through appropriate stretching and exercise.

10. Lower back pain- Usually caused by improper bending, lifting, or staining.

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There is a way to help manage your joint or back pain without the use of NSAIDs or dangerous opioids, which do not address the root cause of pain, they merely mask it.

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